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  1. Fiona Wilmot

    Hello – we haven’t met, but Kristian Saguin, from the Philippines recommended that I get in touch with you. (We’re fellow second-year graduate students in the Geography Dept. at Texas A&M, and like you, fellow travelers down the political ecology road.) My research broadly will be covering mangrove restoration under different political regimes, but all under conditions of neoliberalism. Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Caribbean (where I have most experience) are currently on my wish list. Kristian said that you’re moving into the live fish trade – marine conservation is where I came from – deeply depressing! So – I hope that you have some time to start chatting – I’m going to download some of your papers now – Fiona

    • Hi Fiona,

      Many thanks for the informative note! Sounds like you’ve got an excellent research topic. There’s another graduate student at Clarke, Dominique Werboff, who also follows a political ecology approach to land use change in the Philippines.

      The paper I wrote with Mike Fabinyi in Agrarian Change examines how more and more swiddeners are moving into the LRFT – as you say, it’s a slippery slope.

      Happy to chat anytime.

      Best wishes


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